Midwest Catfish Anglers


Midwest Catfish Anglers

Midwest Catfish Anglers was founded in 2013 and our goal is to promote a well organized tournament trail and conservation of fish and our waterways. We believe in CPR(catch, picture, release).  We hope to offer well organized catfishing tournaments for all anglers to enjoy. TIGHT LINES to all.



  1.  1-2 man teams, 3rd person allowed if angler is 17 years old or younger.
  2.  Entry fee is $80 per team. $10 goes to memberships for the tournament, $10 goes to big fish pot
  3. The $60 will be paid out 100% down to 3rd place. The $10 membership will go to door prizes and permits for each tournament. The $10 for big fish will be paid out 100% to the biggest fish weighed in at each tournament.
  4.  Entry fees are payable at registration day of the tournament, cash only.
  5. Trophies will be awarded down to top 10 during some tournaments.
  6.  All anglers must wear life jackets at blast off. NO EXCEPTIONS
  7.  Blue, Channel and Flathead must be a minimum of 15", with a maximum of 6 fish to be weighed in. No dead fish weighed in. If a fish starts to go belly up contact an official to weigh it.
  8.  Rod and reel only. No jug or trot lines allowed. No trasfering of fish between teams.
  9.  All Federal, State and local boating and fishing regulations apply.
  10.   No refunds after the tournament begins. In case of bad weather we will vote to determine if the tournament will start, be delayed or cancelled.
  11.  Boat or bank fishing is allowed.
  12.  Mandatory boat inspections.
  13.  All teams must be at least 30 yards apart.
  14.  Navigational lights must be used on boats during night tournaments.
  15.  An official will be at the designated weigh in area a half an hour before weigh ins start.
  16.  Bif fish breaks heavy stringer tie, heavy stringer breaks big fish tie.
  17.  All fish will be released after weigh ins.
  18.  If you use a stringer for your fish, the stringer must go threw the bottom lip, not the gills.
  19.  Any problems must be brought up before the closing of the scale.
  20.  Midwest Catfish Anlgers has the right to accept or deny any entry.


For more information contact Johnny at 515-205-9136 or [email protected]


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